Recreational path along north side of Lake Jacksonville among projects approved at City Council Meeting

By Benjamin Cox on April 24, 2018 at 11:36am

Yesterday evening, the Jacksonville City Council accepted a number of improvements and projects for the city of Jacksonville to be implemented in the coming months.

A new recreational/multi-purpose path will be installed on the north side of Lake Jacksonville. 4 Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning Units in disrepair at the Nichols Park Pavilion will be replaced. A new 382D TORO mower will be purchased for the grounds of Lake Jacksonville. And the roof of the gazebo on the North side of Community Park will also be replaced.

Two Revolving Loan Fund applications were approved for Adam and Kristin Jamison of Jamison’s Future Swings, a new baseball training facility at 2253 West Morton, in the amount of $44,000, as well as Faithfully Fit, a personal training program started by Natalie Williams, in the amount of $18,000. The Revolving Loan Fund, according to Ron Smiljanich, the Revolving Loan Fund Program Administrator for the city of Jacksonville, is not local taxpayer money, but federal money granted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Also, Alderman Mike Wankel announced a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 24th at 2pm to celebrate the new Jacksonville Water Treatment Facility. Alderman Tony Williams spoke in regards to his wish to honor a former engineer for the city and Benton and Associates, John Calise, by naming a room after him in the brand new treatment facility in respect of his efforts for the city.

John Calise was so instrumental in helping getting things done to get the water plant started, and all the studies, the water studies, and everything he did. And he was just an amazing person as well as an amazing employee for the city. And so I personally think that it would be wonderful if, I think, we did had a room or something that was named after him in his honor.”

And four Tax Increment Financing Grants were awarded to the JHS Bowl for $17,281 for new handrails, Chris Hashmeyer for $12,000 to renovate 329 South Main Street for a new chiropractic office, $25,000 for roofing at Hamilton’s North Building, and $32,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America in Jacksonville to demolish the property at 226 West Morgan.