Red Kettle Campaign Dangerously Below Goal

By Benjamin Cox on December 16, 2019 at 3:52pm

The local Salvation Army is struggling to reach its goal for the annual Red Kettle campaign. Major Charles Pinkston said in a press release this afternoon that the campaign is only at 57% of its $80,000 goal with only 9 days left in the campaign. As of Saturday, the grand total of the campaign was $45,754.

Pinkston said that this year has been more difficult to raise funds than normal due to Thanksgiving occurring later in the month of November and with the closure of ShopKo closing a revenue stream of the campaign.

“Our worst fear would be the necessity to decrease service to a community that has such great need. This coming year is already going to be a struggle with the minimum wage to start increasing January 1st,” said Pinkston.

Yearend donations will be accepted up until 3PM Christmas Eve at all Red Kettle donations. Donations can also be hand-delivered or mailed to the Salvation Army’s office at 331 West Douglas Avenue anytime before January 31st for it to count towards Christmas fundraising efforts. Online donations are also being accepted at