Representative to Pull Controversial Traffic Stop Bill After Backlash

By Benjamin Cox on February 1, 2024 at 11:24am

A bill that drew the ire of at least one local sheriff in the area is now being withdrawn from consideration in the Illinois House.

State Representative Justin Slaughter filed a bill on Monday that would have limited law enforcement on what a vehicle can be stopped for, which included failing to display license plates or valid registration stickers, violating posted speed limits unless it was at a misdemeanor or felony level, improper lane usage, failing to have proper headlamps, excessive window tinting, defective mirrors, obstructed windshields, excessive exhaust noise, and failure to wear a seat belt. The bill also would have not allowed law enforcement to gather evidence discovered or obtained inside the vehicle in connection to other alleged crimes, and would have made that evidence inadmissible in court.

Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen took to Facebook on Monday evening, calling the legislation a direct danger to the public, saying it would further tie the hands of law enforcement from protecting citizens.

Rep. Slaughter, in speaking to Capitol Fax on Wednesday, said that he had been getting “pummeled” on social media and through email from people vehemently against the bill. Slaughter told Capitol Fax that he had pulled the bill from consideration in the House and that he was using the legislation as a conversation starter on racial disparities of people of color getting pulled over at a higher rate in traffic stops. Slaughter said he was not intending to get the reaction that he’s received.