Residents in Quincy, Springfield Winners in Latest Round of COVID Lotto

By Jeremy Coumbes on July 12, 2021 at 4:10pm

The next round of winners in the All In for the Win drawing has landed two a little closer to home than the first round.

The state announced today the 100K Monday drawing as part of the state’s ‘All In for the Win’ vaccine lottery has taken place, and three lucky winners have been chosen.

According to this afternoon’s announcement, the Illinois Department of Public Health will be notifying winners by phone or email starting this afternoon. Three winners of $100,000 each were drawn today from Quincy, Springfield, and Chicago.

Officials say Illinoisans from those cities and counties should keep their phones on and check their emails regularly to find out if they’ve won.  They say no personal information will be requested in the initial phone or email notification.

Winners will have seven days to securely complete, sign, and send the authorization form to IDPH to accept their prizes. The Illinois Lottery will then guide winners through the claims process. Winners will be announced eight days after each draw unless they choose to remain anonymous.

Last Thursday, the first million-dollar winner was chosen in Chicago, and three $150,000 scholarship winners were picked in DeKalb County, Suburban Cook County, and Chicago. The state will celebrate the winners and announce their names on Friday unless they choose to remain anonymous.

For more information on the prizes and schedule of the ‘All In for the Win’ vaccine lottery, visit