Residents of Time To Vote on Dissolution of Village

By Benjamin Cox on October 9, 2022 at 5:59am

Time, Illinois' gazebo-style bandstand. [Wikipedia]

Time may come to an end in 2023 – the Pike County village of Time that is.

There are approximately two dozen people who live in the small hamlet in Pike County’s east Central region, just about a mile south of Pittsfield. The town was established in 1857 and has never housed more than 200 residents in its history.

Little is left of the town’s 19th Century history that brought in a store, a flour mill, a blacksmith shop, and a school. The 1906 bandstand in Time’s Square was a popular tourist stop during the former Pike County Fall Color drives.

On November 8th (Election Day), the remaining residents will decide if Time will remain an actual incorporated village with a village government or be dissolved.

If the village is dissolved by majority vote, it would be completed by January 2023.