Roderick To Be Honored With Scholarship by Pike-Scott Farm Bureau

By Benjamin Cox on April 29, 2022 at 8:53am

The Pike-Scott Farm Bureau is honoring one of their long-time leaders with a special scholarship in his honor.

Executive Director of the Pike-Scott Farm Bureau Blake Roderick will have his last day on the job on Monday. Roderick has been with the bureau since December 1981.

In a letter sent out to media yesterday afternoon, Pike-Scott Farm Bureau President Kim Curry announced that the the Two Rivers Farm Bureau Foundation has established a scholarship in Roderick’s honor for his year’s of dedicated service. Curry cited Roderick’s tireless dedication to the local membership, his ability to work with members and elected leaders in the area, and being a guide through some of the local bureau’s best and most trying of times over the last 40 years.

Anyone who would wish to send congratulations to Roderick or donate to the newly established Roderick Family Scholarship can send a donation or a note to the Two Rivers Farm Bureau Foundation, PO Box 6, Pittsfield, IL 62363.