Roodhouse man remains in custody after allegedly trying to stab police officer

By Gary Scott on September 29, 2015 at 7:24am

Roodhouse Police arrested 35-year-old David Lawson and booked him at the Greene County Jail Sunday for aggravated assault on a police officer with a weapon and aggravated domestic battery.

According to a Roodhouse Police Department press release, an officer responded to a domestic disturbance in progress Saturday night shortly after 5:15 p.m. Two men, one of which was David Lawson, were reportedly standing in the front yard of the residence.

Lawson had allegedly pulled a knife on the other man and tried to attack him previously. While the officer was on scene, Lawson allegedly pulled another knife from his person, raised his arm with the knife and began moving towards the officer.

According to reports, the officer, who is not named, contemplated using deadly force after describing himself as “being in fear for his life.” The press release indicates the officer did not choose that option because the other man was positioned behind Lawson, trying to get the knife out of his hands.

The officer reportedly used a Taser on Lawson, and was able to gain control of the knife and over the suspect with the help of reinforcement from the White Hall Police Department.

Lawson was hospitalized from intoxication and self-inflicted wounds prior to the officers’ arrival, according to the press release, and was taken into custody Sunday after being released from the hospital.

The officer was not injured during the incident.