Roodhouse Man’s Charges Dismissed in June 2022 Home Invasion

By Benjamin Cox on March 1, 2023 at 7:48am

A rural Roodhouse man who broke into a home armed with a buck knife in June 2022 had charges dismissed with some conditions in Greene County Court on Monday.

31-year old John J. Scheferkort had charges of criminal trespass with a person present and aggravated assault through the use of a deadly weapon dismissed by the state with leave to reinstate should certain conditions not be met in the long term.

Scheferkort was found unfit to stand trial in the case in August and was remanded to the custody of the Illinois Department of Human Services.

According to email communication with Greene County State’s Attorney Caleb Briscoe this morning, Briscoe says that DHS medical staff believe that Scheferkort would likely not reach the level of mental fitness required to proceed as if it were a normal case.

Briscoe says that Scheferkort’s guardian and the State’s Attorney staff began discussing what conditions should be placed on Scheferkort’s long-term status. Briscoe says that the decision was to place Scheferkort in a long-term structured group home environment where he could continue to receive mental health treatment so long as precautions were in place where he couldn’t get out and commit similar criminal offenses in the future. Briscoe says he also communicated concerns from the victims in the case to Scheferkort’s guardian and DHS medical staff.

Briscoe says he would like to thank the close work performed in the case with the victims whom he says was both patient and cooperative throughout the process. He also thanked the doctors and medical staff with DHS and the Greene County Sheriff’s Department for the work on this case and all the cases they are currently working on in Greene County.