Roodhouse PD Acknowledge Attempted Abduction Reported On Social Media Post

By Benjamin Cox on May 2, 2024 at 11:35am

The Roodhouse Police Department has acknowledged an attempted abduction that has circulated throughout social media over the past weekend.

The Journal Courier reports that the Roodhouse Police Department answered a call on Friday at approximately 6:40PM about an attempted abduction at the Casey’s General Store, located at 620 South State Street in Roodhouse.

A report filed with police said a 17-year-old girl was approached by an older white man claiming to need help fixing his shirt collar because he had injured himself. The girl said the man eventually grabbed her by the arm after some small talk when asking for help getting something out of the back of a white panel van. The girl was able to break loose, told the man “no” and left in her own vehicle. Prior to the physical altercation, the juvenile is said to have noticed a blue zip tie around her side mirror on her car which had not been there prior to the incident. The teen is said to have removed the zip tie after she left the scene.

The girl also said there was another man in the van at the time of the incident. No other descriptions were provided, and no license plate number was obtained by any witnesses, according to Police Chief Kyle Robison speaking to the Journal Courier. Law enforcement in Greene County were notified but no one was able to be located.

Robison says that the county’s law enforcement are taking the incident seriously and says anyone who appears to be in distress for any reason should always contact law enforcement for assistance.