Roodhouse PD Fundraising For Pavilion in Downtown Park

By Benjamin Cox on June 15, 2021 at 10:00am

The Roodhouse Police Department is hoping to provide a little shade on the Roodhouse square.

The Roodhouse Central Park has had numerous trees come down due to lightning strikes over the last handful of years. The Police Department has decided to raise funds and erect a pavilion on the north side of the park to combat the loss of the shade trees.

In a press release from the Roodhouse Police Department, they say that they have raised approximately $6,200 to build a 20-by-24-foot pavilion that will be attached to the playground area. Roodhouse Police Chief Kyle Robison told the Greene Prairie Press that Killion Communications, Page Family Farm, Ice Cream Depot and the Chapman Family donated toward the building. It is expected to be completed by the Fourth of July.

The pavilion will be handicap accessible, elderly friendly, family friendly and have a metal roof and concrete floor. Electrical outlets and lighting will also be installed. The work is being done by members of the city public works department and volunteers from the community.

Robison says he hopes the pavilion will be used for police youth events and Greene County Days beyond normal family and public use.