Roodhouse Rez Reopens Under Caution

By Benjamin Cox on August 22, 2022 at 9:01am

The Roodhouse Rez reopened on Friday.

The Journal Courier reports that Illinois EPA returned an acceptable sample of below recommendations for an algal bloom early Friday morning.

Mayor Tom Martin reopened the lake to recreational activity after speaking with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Martin told the Journal Courier that any fish caught in the lake should be thoroughly cleaned with water before consumed.

The lake had been closed since August 5th after it was reported that the water had turned green from the toxic algal bloom. According to the Journal Courier, DNR water samples had returned an elevated level of microsystin – a liver toxin and carcinogen to humans. The algal bloom is a result of recently hot temperatures at the end of July and beginning of early August.

IDNR and the City of Roodhouse say to continue to exercise caution at the lake and swimming is always prohibited.