Roodhouse Township Has A Destroyed Road, Spire Pipeline Responsible

By Benjamin Cox on September 6, 2019 at 1:45pm

A map outlining the pipeline as it travels through Greene County

A Greene County township has had one of their main rural roads destroyed during a major infrastructure project. Roodhouse Township has had a 5 mile stretch of road west of town made impassable after the company Spire laid pipeline in the area. The road connects seven homes to Route 106. According to the Greene Prairie Press, Spire signed a road-use agreement with the county to make any necessary repairs above and beyond normal maintenance during the pipeline project.

According to local residents, since Spire started work on the project in February, the road has been virtually impassable. Spire even ordered their own contractor Michels to stop making repairs to the road. County Engineer David Marth told the Greene County Board that repairs to the road are estimated to be near a quarter of a million dollars or more in last month’s final August board meeting.

Morgan County has also had problems with the pipeline company, which will be connecting to the Greene County project – all owned by Dakota Acces. The Morgan County litigation has been ongoing for two years. Marth told WLDS News this morning that further action with legal council will be discussed next week at the Greene County Board meeting on Wednesday night. The next county board meeting where a vote could possibly be taken to change council, is scheduled for 7 p.m. on September 11th.