Roodhouse Utilities Getting Cut of Lawsuit Settlement With Panhandle Eastern Pipeline

By Benjamin Cox on November 1, 2023 at 6:24am

The City of Roodhouse may get a refund on their natural gas service lawsuit three years in the making.

Roodhouse was one of a number municipalities who filed suit when their rates were raised by 400% in 2020. Since that time, Panhandle has continued to collect the higher rate but has been depositing the profits in a separate account should the lawsuit not fall in their favor.

According to the Greene Prairie Press, Mike Genin of the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency, says the refunds will back date to March 2020 estimating Roodhouse’s refund will be approximately $200,000.

The estimated time of arrival for the refund is expected around Thanksgiving. The money will go into the City of Roodhouse’s general fund as the city’s utility department ate the cost of the increase and did not pass it along to customers, according to the report.

The refunds weren’t expected to come until some time in 2024.