Rotary Green Enters Second Year of Planting New Trees in Jacksonville

By Benjamin Cox on January 3, 2024 at 8:31am

The Rotary Club of Jacksonville is moving into its 2nd year of planting new trees in the city.

Since 2015, the Rotary Green Program has partnered with the City of Jacksonville’s Parks & Lakes Departments along with local arborist Pat Ward to plant roughly $3,000 worth of new trees.

The environment is one of 7 areas of focus for Rotary International. Rotarian Cathy Jo Littleton-Wahl says that the program allows members of the Jacksonville community to make a long-lasting contribution for the good of the community: “We have a very nice brochure, and it shows you several places you can select to plant your tree or you can put ‘no preference.’ If you select ‘no preference,’ then, of course Jacksonville Parks Department Director Adam Fletcher has such a handle on where we need trees in the city. We could talk at length at the number of trees we have lost. So, it can be about memorials if you choose. It is about planting a tree if you simply wish to plant a tree. You can simply open your mind up to just about any reason that you would want to put a tree in the ground with this program. It is making a difference.”

If you would like to make a tree a memorial with a plaque, cost is $85 extra to the standard $250. There are 6 different types of trees that someone can choose from. There are 5 places in Jacksonville’s parks one can choose to have their tree planted in. Order forms can be found on the Rotary’s webpage or by call Anne Jackson at 217-248-5416 or Judy Tighe at 217-370-2005.

Checks for a tree can be made payable to the Jacksonville Rotary Foundation with Rotary Green in the memo line.

Return your payment to the foundation at PO Box 383 Jacksonville IL 62651.