Routt/OSS Students Make Donation to Midwest Youth Services

By Jeremy Coumbes on April 5, 2023 at 4:08pm

A pair of student bodies in Jacksonville recently held competitions in an effort to raise funds for an area group whose aim is to help troubled youth.

Students from Our Savior School and Routt Catholic High School held the competitions during Catholic Schools Week from January 29th through February 4th.

According to an announcement by the schools on Wednesday, in an effort to emphasize the importance of giving back to others, students from RCHS and OSS participated in a week-long mission in the form of a Money War in support of Midwest Youth Services.

Our Saviour students participated in two contests: a class vs. class event and a boys vs. girls event. Mrs. Amy Dietrich’s 1st Grade group won the class contest and the boys were the overall winners of the school, raising more money than the girls.

The Shamrocks of Our Saviour School raised a total of $1,790.10.

The students of Routt spent the week with their housemates and had just the one contest to see which house would earn the most money. The winning house was St. Jude, led by Mr. Brian Hall, followed by St. Cecilia, led by Mr. Kevin Aldrich, with the student body raising a total of $460.25.

Last Wednesday, Ann Baker, executive director of Midwest Youth Services was presented with a check in the amount of $2,250.35 to Midwest Youth Services to help them with their community outreach programs.

The presentation was made by Our Saviour School Principal Stevie VanDeVelde, and Routt Principal Dan Carie.

VanDeVelde said during the presentation that it was heartwarming to how much their students embraced the idea of helping others and that they were proud to partner with an organization like Midwest Youth Services to help the younger members of the community.