Routt Principal Not to be Retained at Year’s End

By Jeremy Coumbes on March 25, 2021 at 9:00am

A change in leadership is coming to Routt Catholic High School.

The Routt Board of Directors informed Principal Nick Roscetti Tuesday night that he would not be retained as principal after the current school year.

Roscetti has served as principal at Routt for the last seven years. He says he was informed by the Board they were looking for something different in the leadership for Routt going forward. President of the Routt Board of Directors, Rich Whalen said Roscetti is working with the Board to finish out the school year and he believes all parties are hoping for the best moving forward for all students, faculty, and the school.

Roscetti says he was surprised and disappointed by the Board’s decision. He says however times change, and he intends to serve out the remainder of his term enjoying his time at Routt.

I have no ill will feelings toward the school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my seven years, and moving my family here to Jacksonville. The community has been supportive to me and my family members. So like I said I’m not going away mad, or angry at the school or the school community. It’s just, a few people on the board and I just didn’t see eye to eye.”

Roscetti says he and his family will take the remaining time to feel out what is best for their future, be it here in Jacksonville or elsewhere. Roscetti’s last day at Routt will be June 30th.