Routt Students Awarded Over $46,000 in Scholarships for New School Year

By Jeremy Coumbes on September 1, 2022 at 11:22am

56 Routt students were recently awarded more than $46,000 in scholarships to start the new school year.

A new record number of Routt Catholic High School Students were awarded scholarships through the Routt Education Foundation.

Fifty-six students at Routt Catholic High School were awarded nearly $47,000 in scholarships for the current school year at Routt.

Colleen Doyle, Director of Development for Routt says there is a wide variety of scholarships available for students to help them attend the school, and that variety is made possible from a large number of providers.

So of the 56 scholarships, the majority of them are funded and managed through the Routt Education Foundation. But the others are funded through individuals or organizations that choose to submit money every year to help fund a specific scholarship. The scholarships through the foundation are what we call perpetual because they are funds that have been established within the foundation, so we are pretty much guaranteed the money from those funds as scholarships Every year.

So I think those are especially incredible because we know that we don’t have to do anything. The individuals, the donors, the families, they have already made that commitment to a Catholic education and have decided to set up that fund to benefit a scholarship for the betterment of a Routt student.”

Doyle says in the last two years the amount of scholarships available has increased from 46 to 56 in total. She says it’s something that they try to stress the importance of within the Routt community of leaving a lasting legacy and helping future generations in establishing scholarship funding in the Routt Education Foundation.

Doyle says the scholarship application period begins in February each year and that’s when she starts really encouraging students to apply. “The scholarships we just awarded were for this current school year. We will open up applications next February in 2023, and then all applications and submissions need to be turned in by April 15th, 2023, and that will be for the 2023/24 school year.

If there is anyone out there who is interested in establishing a fund that could then be turned into a scholarship or benefit the school in any other way in a perpetual manner, all it would take is a phone call to me and I could explain to them what that process looks like.”

The annual scholarships range from $300 to $2,230. To find out more information about the scholarships or the Routt Education Foundation contact Colleen Doyle by calling 217-243-8563 Ex. 6.