Rural Jacksonville Man Arrested For Multiple Break-Ins to Semi Trucks, Murrayville Town Hall

By Benjamin Cox on July 14, 2021 at 1:07pm

Information has been released about a rural Jacksonville man involved in multiple arrests since last Friday.

27 year old Dustin R. Black was arrested on Friday morning by Murrayville Police. Black was allegedly involved in a break-in at Murrayville Town Hall.

Murrayville Police Chief Derek Suttles says that Black broke into the Murrayville Fire & Police building by shattering a window and then removed a window to the adjacent Murrayville Streets Department building. Suttles says that Black then allegedly began removing tools and equipment from the building, with some tools found by Murrayville Police Thursday night lying in the street during the investigation of subsequent break-ins. Suttles says that further damage at the police station was later discovered. He says that Black allegedly went across the street and entered a Murrayville Fire Engine and left the door open.

Suttles says multiple calls came in from around the village of semi tractor trailers being broken into. Suttles says that Black allegedly broke into the semis and started them leaving them to run overnight. One of the semis as the Murrayville FS facility had it’s engine become inoperable due to it being left on overnight. Suttles estimated the damage to the truck to be over $1,500.

Suttles says that Black was apprehended by Murrayville Police after returning to Town Hall shortly after the acts were allegedly performed at around 3AM Friday. Police on the scene told Suttles that Black was acting erractically and also said that he was armed. During the course of Black’s arrest, police located a loaded 9 milimeter handgun in Black’s waistband.

After posting bond and being released on Friday, Suttles says that a party familiar with Black placed an order of protection at the Morgan County Courthouse. Suttles says that Black then allegedly violated that order by going to the protected party’s house at 8:44 yesterday morning. He remains held at the Morgan County Jail awaiting a bond hearing.