Salvation Army Citadel project gets pushed back

By Gary Scott on March 2, 2016 at 2:59pm

Jacksonville Salvation Army Captain Katie Pinkston provided a few important updates on happenings with the non-profit this morning.

Speaking on “AM Conversation” with Gary Scott, Pinkston said the final numbers for the holiday fundraising campaign were short of the $140,000. She says about $127,000 was raised.

Pinkston talks about how that impacts the Salvation Army’s bottom line.

“It simply means that we don’t have as much money to spend on some of the basic needs that we have- for instance, utilities and those kind of things. We don’t really cut services that are provided to the community, we just cut any other expenses that we can,” she says.

Pinkston was also asked about progress on a new Citadel building for the organization. Back in July of last year, Jacksonville aldermen approved a zoning request for an empty lot across from the current offices on West Douglas, and original estimates were for a groundbreaking prior to 2016.

But, Pinkston says due to issues of over-expenses with the parking lot and other items, officials are “taking a step back”.

“Readjusting our thought process and working with the community, our advisors board, and our divisional headquarters in the St. Louis area, try to figure out how to best spend the money that we have wisely. So, we’re just taking a few extra weeks here and there to re-adjust our thought process,” says Pinkston.

Gary Scott: “But, you’re still looking at a groundbreaking sometime this year?”

Pinkston: “We’re hoping so, yes.”