Salvi Seeks Court Injunction Over Incorrect Ballots in Schuyler County

By Benjamin Cox on November 2, 2022 at 9:16am

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Kathy Salvi is going to court over a ballot error that was discovered in Schuyler County last month.

WMAY reports that Salvi’s campaign is seeking a court injunction to order Schuyler County not to count any votes for Senate that were cast with an erroneous ballot. Salvi’s name was erroneously left off and replaced with her primary challenger Peggy Hubbard.

Schulyer County Clerk Mindy Garrett told WLDS News that the human error affected 45 early votes placed in their office and 307 that were vote-by-mail ballots. The Illinois State Board of Elections representatives said on October 13th hat barring any court order to do otherwise, any votes for Hubbard will be disregarded when tabulation begins on Election Night.

Salvi’s injunction would also order Schuyler County to allow all voters who cast a misprinted ballot to cast a new ballot with the correct information, or at least to be allowed to submit a new vote in the Senate race.

Salvi is facing Democrat incumbent Tammy Duckworth and Libertarian nominee Bill Redpath. According to an Emerson College/WGN/The Hill poll released last Wednesday, Duckworth held a 49-39 edge over Salvi, with 4% going for Redpath and 8% still undecided.