Sangamon Co. Board Seeks to Intervene in ICC Permit for Heartland Greenway, To Consider Moratorium on CO2 Pipelines

By Benjamin Cox on September 2, 2022 at 11:49am

The Sangamon County Board is expected to consider adopting a moratorium on carbon dioxide pipelines through the county after local pushback against the Heartland Greenway project.

WMAY reported yesterday morning that Sangamon County has filed a motion to intervene in the Illinois Commerce Commission permitting process for the proposed CO2 pipeline that will cut across portions of Morgan, Scott, Brown, Pike, Schuyler, and Sangamon.

Local environmental groups and landowners are objecting to the Navigator Heartland Greenway project, which would take CO2 emissions from plants in North and South Dakota and carry them to a sequestration facility in Christian County.

A docket entry with the ICC says the county wants to be a party to the permit process, so that it can offer input on the pipeline’s potential impact on the economy, infrastructure, and public safety. It’s not clear when the ICC might rule on the county’s request to intervene. The permitting process is expected to last into Summer 2023.

WMAY further reported yesterday afternoon that the Sangamon County Board believes they have legal standing to intervene, but acknowledge that the ICC or the courts could rule otherwise. In the meantime, the county says a moratorium is prudent to allow time to research health and safety concerns related to CO2 pipelines.

The moratorium is expected to be a part of action items at the Sangamon County Board meeting scheduled for next month.