Sangamon Judge To Decide Block on New Candidate Slating Bill

By Benjamin Cox on June 4, 2024 at 5:34am

A judge in Sangamon County is considering a request to block a new law that could have an impact on this November’s election.

Capitol News Illinois reports a handful of Republicans sued the state over the law, which bars “slating” – when a party puts a candidate on the ballot after the primary, but before the general election.

The law moved quickly from passage in the legislature to Governor JB Pritzker’s signature last month – and the GOP says it’s unfair to ban the practice in the middle of an election cycle. They argue not that the law is unconstitutional, but enforcing it in the middle of an election cycle is.

When the petition filing window closed at 5 p.m. yesterday, 16 candidates filed petitions to get on the November ballot, including the four plaintiffs in the case. All 16 were Republicans. The four plaintiffs have filed nominating petitions to be on the November ballot this year, but if the law is upheld they may not be allowed to run.

Democrats argue that it is an ethics bill and good democracy because candidates used the slating process to escape a tough primary battle. They also claim it empowers third-party candidates and independents, despite their exorbitant need for more signatures to gain ballot access.

Judge Gail Noll could issue an order in the case in the coming days. Meanwhile, the State Board of Elections says it will operate as normal, holding the one-week petition challenge period, which concludes this coming Monday.