Savion Public Meeting Tonight at Beardstown High School

By Benjamin Cox on February 26, 2020 at 8:35am

Beardstown residents will have a chance to hear about a multi-million dollar solar project coming to the southern levee district tonight. Savion Energy will host a community forum tonight from 7-8PM at Beardstown High School’s commons.

The 150-megawatt project is in its earliest stages of development and wants to receive input from the community. Savion introduced themselves to the Cass County Board last month and hopes to have more exact numbers on the numbers of panels being installed, possible projected tax revenue for the county, and a timeline for completion in the coming months. Courtney Timmons, the lead developer on the project, will be on hand to answer questions at the forum tonight. Beardstown High School is located at 500 East Fifteenth Street.