School Board to Discuss Bowl Roof Replacement, 22-22 Year Fee Schedule

By Jeremy Coumbes on April 28, 2021 at 7:00am

Jacksonville School District 117 will include a public hearing during the April school board meeting tonight.

A public hearing has been set for 7:00 pm on the transfer of TORT funds to Operations and Maintenance.

Also scheduled to begin at approximately 7:00 pm, the board will meet in regular session. Items up for review or discussion include results from the April 6th consolidated election, followed by the swearing-in of the District 117 School Board for 2021-2022.

Special recognition will be given to Jan Ryan who is leaving the board she has served since 2016. The board will review and possibly approve bids for the replacement of the roof on the JHS Bowl as well as the replacement of an RTU and control system at Eisenhower Elementary.

Proposed registration fees for the 2021-22 school year will also be reviewed.

Ahead of the regular meeting, the Board will meet in Committee of the Whole at 6:00 pm in closed session for a discussion on collective negotiating matters between the board and its employees or representatives.

The Board will meet in the Board Room at District 117 offices located at 211 West State Street in Jacksonville with Committee of the Whole scheduled for 6:00 pm and both the regular meeting and public hearing set for 7:00 pm.