School closures for Monday, November 26th

By Benjamin Cox on November 26, 2018 at 6:17am

A number of local and area schools and districts have closed their doors today due to treacherous weather and road conditions.

Several private schools, public districts, and colleges and universities are closed due to the conditions, including icy and somewhat unsalted roadways and concerns of visibility on country roads caused by strong winds and drifting snow:

A.C. Central Schools

Beardstown Christian Academy

Beardstown Public Schools

Elm City Center

Four Rivers Special Education

Franklin Schools

Illinois Central College – ALL CAMPUSES


Jacksonville Public Schools

Jacksonville Head Start

Lincoln Land Community College in Beardstown

New Berlin


Pleasant Plains

Robert Morris University

Salem Lutheran in Jacksonville

St. John’s College of Nursing

Triopia Public Schools

Virginia Public Schools

Waverly Schools

Winchester Schools

Stay tuned to WLDS/WEAI for further updates on weather and road conditions and other potential closures.