Schuyler-Industry Schools Receive Bomb Threat

By Benjamin Cox on January 10, 2024 at 7:53am

One West Central Illinois school received a bomb threat yesterday.

Dr. Beau Fretueg, superintendent of Schuyler-Industry School District #5, released an official statement yesterday afternoon saying that the Schuyler-Industry Middle School received a bomb threat via a phone call in the early morning.

In response to the call, members of the Rushville Police, Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office, the Illinois State Police, and the Schuyler-Industry District administration did sweeps of the interior and exterior of the Middle School and High School building. The investigation revealed no indication of a credible threat to the school, and Fretueg says no imminent danger was identified.

Fretueg says that law enforcement have identified the origin of the call. Schuyler County Sheriff Bill Redshaw has confirmed that a juvenile suspect has been identified in the incident, but no officials arrests have been made.

Dr. Fretueg says that local authorities will have an increased presence on school grounds for the remainder of the week as a precaution while school is in session.