Scott County could be next to join Morgan County ETSB

By Ryne Turke on April 25, 2016 at 12:49pm

Could Scott County be the latest county to join the Morgan County Emergency Telephone Systems Board?

Scott County Commissioner Bob Schafter tells WLDS-WEAI News “the idea is being explored.”

Morgan County Emergency Services Director Phil McCarty says this isn’t the first time a joint dispatch agreement between Morgan County and Scott County has been brought up.

“I think in the past there has been discussion about this. The merger between Morgan, Calhoun and Greene might have brought this to the table,” says McCarty.

McCarty feels the Monday meeting between Morgan and Scott County E-911 representatives was positive, a lot was accomplished and the two sides have “a strong possibility” of moving forward.

“We went over the general process, how the board would be organized, making sure everyone gets appropriate representation and making sure we don’t impact public safety. We want to enhance that every way we can,” says McCarty.

Morgan County is working on an intergovernmental agreement to present to Scott County.

McCarty says the confirmed additions of Greene and Calhoun Counties have prompted a name change of West Central Joint Emergency Telephone Systems Board.

McCarty notes that will take place in the near future.