Scott County Nixes Proposed Tax Levy

By Jeremy Coumbes on February 7, 2020 at 6:28pm

Scott County is now back to square one on efforts to fund emergency services.

Plans on how to fund and maintain the emergency services in most of Scott County will not depend on the establishment of a Special Service Area tax levy, proposed last year by the Scott County Commissioners.

The commissioners heard comments from concerns citizens during a public hearing held at the Scott County Courthouse in January, with many in attendance voicing opposition to the tax levy proposal.

According to the Pike-Scott Farm Bureau, it was the Farm Bureau that recommended that the commissioners not formally adjourn the original January 15 hearing, in order to continue further public discussion on the matter.

The hearing, set to reconvene on Wednesday, was reportedly canceled as the county commissioners have opted to rescind their earlier proposal.

The proposal calling for the establishment of a special services area in the county was figured to raise the $260,000.00 that is estimated to cost Winchester EMS to staff paid emergency personnel.

Winchester EMS continues to struggle with having a sufficient number of volunteer emergency responders, leaving many in the area concerned about future access to emergency medical service in Scott County.

Calls by WLDS News to Scott County Commission Chairman Bob Schaffer for comment have not been returned at this time.