Scott County Road District 2 tax increase on ballot

By Ryne Turke on November 8, 2016 at 6:02am

A tax rate increase is on the ballot for a specific group of Scott County residents.

Road District 2, which covers 42.3 miles of roadway around Alsey, falls under the lowest tax bracket in Scott County at 0.33 percent.

The Road District Commissioner Glen Jefferson says the other districts in the county receive a 0.66 percent tax rate. According to Jefferson, the previous road commissioner didn’t want to raise taxes, so Jefferson has been following that system.

But taking care of roads is expensive and Jefferson feels a slight tax increase is something Road District 2 could definitely use.

“This is for equipment, repairs, fuel and other stuff that the motor fuel package doesn’t pay for. The newest truck I have is a 96′ and the backhoe is one of the older ones. If you don’ have the equipment to do stuff you can’t take care of these roads,” says Jefferson.

Jefferson works alone on Road District 2. His responsibilities include cutting ditches, making sure the water drains, clearing trees, patching the road and mowing the grass.

Jefferson encourages voters approve the proposition, but the decision is up to them.