Scott/Morgan/Greene Rural Water Co-op annual meeting set

By Benjamin Cox on November 14, 2018 at 9:31am

The consistent hydration of hundreds of area residents will be celebrated next Monday.

The Scott-Morgan-Greene Rural Water Co-operative presents their annual meeting to celebrate three decades of dedication to delivering water to those who rely upon the service.

Steve Grubb has participated with the Scott-Morgan-Greene Rural Water Co-operative since its creation. Grubb describes the critical event that revealed the potential necessity of a rural water co-op, and how rural residents basically came together for their mutual survival.

“Well 1988 was a drought year, and we had people hauling water from towns. It was getting to be a bit of an unfortunate routine. Walt Hurt, of Manchester, asked me to come down to a meeting that Bob Benton, with Benton and Associates, was going to be at to discuss the possibility of starting a rural water co-op. There were several people that got together for that first meeting, and it’s now been 30 years this month since we got this whole process started.”

Grubb explains the scope of the co-op’s service region, and some potential perks that are available to Rural Water co-op service recipients for attending Monday evening’s meeting.

“Our meeting is always the Third Monday of the Month, and we meet down at the American Legion Post in Woodson. This is our annual meeting. We give away four door prizes of $50 water credits. We’d love for people to come to the meeting so that people can know what’s going on with our services. We are currently serving right at 1,100 households in the area south of Jacksonville, over towards Winchester and Franklin, and over into Greene County.”

Grubb says the current Board wants to recognize people that have been key members in the community to help the co-op stay in service, now for more than twenty years.

“There will be several people recognized that were either on the original board or were at that first meeting, or who have just been an important part of keeping this water co-op a success. Walter Hurt has passed away, and Paul Sheehan was also an energetic and highly active member of the co-op, and he will be missed by other water co-op patrons dearly.”

The Woodson American Legion Post is located at 301 East Main Street, just east of the Woodson Community Park pavilion. The meeting next Monday the 19th will begin at 7 p.m.