Scouts BSA Citizenship Day, new police hire highlight February board meeting

By Benjamin Cox on February 8, 2019 at 7:50am

The Scouts BSA got the trustee treatment last night at South Jacksonville Village Hall.

In celebration of Citizenship Day, members of Jacksonville Troop 107 and South Jacksonville Troop 113 sat in for Greg Nelson, Chris Norton, Dick Samples, Harry Jennings, Megan Moore, and John Gotschall during yesterday’s Village Board of Trustees meeting.

One highlight is the fact that Jenna Brooks is now the first ever female police officer to serve the village of South Jacksonville. Mayor Harry Jennings made sure the boy scout acting on the Mayor’s behalf would address this and announce it to the audience yesterday evening.

Also during the meeting, two fire department resignations were announced. Although Mike Broaddus is retiring from the fire department, he will remain as Police Master Sergeant.

Kirk Hoots, who fought to be reinstated after being given a notice to retire or be fired by previous Fire Chief David Hickox, was the other firefighter whose resignation was accepted.

An approval to move funds to Prairie State Bank was tabled, as Cory Winters and Barb Davenport of First National Bank in Arenzville spoke about another proposal, which they said First National Bank President/CEO Kai Schnitker had given to the village earlier in the day.

In addition, a memorandum of understanding between the village of South Jacksonville and their volunteer Fire Department was accepted last night. The official presentation of the funds, totaling $63,158.10 toward the new entity will be at the March regular board meeting.