Search for new Police Chief, budgeting highlight South Jacksonville meeting

By Gary Scott on June 9, 2017 at 7:16am

The South Jacksonville Personnel and Finance Committee met last night to discuss several items.

Among the items discussed was the issue of finding a new Chief of Police for the South Jacksonville Police Department, as former Chief Josh Hallock recently announced his resignation.

Village President Harry Jennings breaks down what the Village is looking for in their next Police Chief.

“We really are looking for somebody that’s experienced, that can hit the ground running. We’re probably looking for someone that has around eight-to-ten years of experience in law enforcement and probably three-to-four years in administration. Myself, I really want somebody that’s community-focused, and we’re looking for someone that’s going to be here long term,” says Jennings.

Another item discussed was the balancing of the Village’s budget, which Jennings believes is in good order.

“Financially, we are very solid, so we’re very happy for that. (The budget) is really as it should be, we got a lot of things ironed out tonight and things are really looking good,” Jennings says.

The committee also talked about various goals for the Village moving forward. Jennings explains what some of those plans for the future could entail.

“With our tourism fund, we’re really looking at doing some developments for long term tourism plans, getting more people to come visit the Village for weekend trips, things like that. And then the other thing is doing as much as we can with the school to help out with making our school better. Those are the two biggest things that we’re looking at long term,” says Jennings.

South Jacksonville’s next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting will take place July 6th.