Search for New Village Clerk Continues

By Jeremy Coumbes on November 30, 2021 at 11:08am

The search continues for a new Village Clerk in south Jacksonville following the resignation of the previous clerk.

Amy Scoggins announced her resignation as Village Clerk during the Committee of the Whole meeting on November 17th. Scoggins cited continued conflicts in scheduling making it difficult for her to attend village meetings as the reason for her departure when she notified Village President Mike Broaddus.

During a special meeting of the Board of Trustees last night, Broaddus said he is still searching for someone to step forward to serve.

“I’m currently looking for someone to fill the Village Clerk position. It’s not an easy job, a lot of people think that it is but it isn’t. You do have to take the minutes and everything like that, but we are trying to get ourselves down to an easier flow so it would mainly be just for special meetings and the board meetings.”

Broaddus said he and the Board of Trustees have been working to simplify and streamline the handling of Village business including holding separate committee meetings to make a committee of the whole meeting’s more productive.

Scoggins’ resignation will become official during the December business meeting this Thursday.

Anyone interested in the position should reach out to Broaddus at Village Hall during business hours or you may contact him via email at

In other discussion last night, the Board met with Jose Lopez who owns the Casa Real Mexican Restaurant in Springfield. Lopez is currently remodeling the former Reichert’s Banquet Hall at 1852 South Main Street.

Lopez is seeking TIF funding for the project. Lopez plans to open the facility as a banquet hall and a bar and grill with a limited menu of food items to start with then plans of a future expansion of the faculty in the near future.