Sec. of State Police Targeting Disability Parking Scofflaws

By Benjamin Cox on November 25, 2021 at 6:03am

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has announced his annual campaign to target scofflaws who abuse disability parking at shopping centers around the state during the retail season.

The message of the operation is simple according to Secretary of State Spokesperson Beth Kaufman, ‘If you don’t belong there, don’t park there’: “It’s a statewide shopping mall effort, and we will kick off in Chicago, Springfield, and Fairview Heights. Throughout the holiday season, enforcement details will be going on statewide. Parking in one of those spots without a placard can be up to a $350 fine, and parking there by misusing someone else’s placard can be a $600 fine.”

If you get caught using a deceased person’s disability placard, you get fined as much as $2,500 and lose your license for a year. Currently, there are over 530,000 permanent placards, over 34,000 meter-exempt placards; over 50,000 disability labeled license plates; and over 6,900 disabled veterans plates in the state.

Secretary White urges individuals to report abuse of parking spaces for people with disabilities by calling 217-785-0309. Callers should be prepared to report placard and license plate numbers, as well as the location of vehicles. People can also report abuse via the Secretary of State’s website at and complete the Parking Program for Persons with Disabilities Abuse Complaint Form.