Sheriff: No Protocols Broken After Inmate Attempts Suicide at Greene Co. Jail

By Benjamin Cox on November 10, 2022 at 9:29am

Greene County authorities say that no policies or state standards were broken after an inmate at the Greene County Jail attempted suicide last Thursday.

Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen reports that on Thursday, November 3rd at approximately 3:10PM a Greene County Jail corrections officer made contact with a 60-year old inmate being held at the jail to offer him and other prisoners the opportunity to go to the fenced in yard area for outdoor time at the jail in Carrollton.

All inmates, except for the 60-year old inmate, went outside at that time. McMillen says around two minutes later, the inmate closed the door to the bunk room. It’s at this time McMillen says the inmate fashioned a noose out of a single pair of socks and then proceeded to hang himself from the top bunk.

About 10 minutes later, McMillen says the correctional officer discovered the inmate and pulled him from top bunk, tearing the socks, and then cutting the remaining noose from off his neck. The inmate was said to have been unconscious and not breathing and CPR was immediately initiated. McMillen says that jail staff were able to establish a heart beat and got the inmate to regain breathing before EMS arrived.

The inmate was transported to Boyd Hospital in Carrollton, where he was later airlifted to St. John’s Hospital in Springfield. McMillen says the unidentified inmate remains in serious condition.

McMillen says an investigation was conducted, which included review of surveillance videos as well as a review of jail policies and state standards. McMillen says according to the investigation all policies of the jail and all state standards were followed, in conjunction with the incident. No further information about the incident has been released.