Sheriff’s Association Warns of Phone Scam Soliciting Donations to Fight Assault Weapons Ban

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 13, 2023 at 6:28pm

The Illinois Sheriff’s Association is warning the public of a scam related to the recent Illinois gun ban.

According to a telephone solicitation scam alert by the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association on Friday, residents in Illinois are being contacted by telephone and asked to make a contribution to the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association to help fight the Assault Weapons Ban.

The ISA asks residents to ignore these calls and stresses to not give your financial information to the caller.

ISA officials say they never solicit the public by telephone and only send mail pieces, or address membership on their social media, and website.

The Illinois Sheriff’s Association is asking the public to share this information with their friends and family.

According to the announcement, the phone number used in the scam was 224-324-3356 in Cook County, IL, and when you call it, it states the “Fundraising Center.”