SHG, Diocese of Springfield Issues Response to Hiring Controversy

By Benjamin Cox on August 27, 2019 at 4:59pm

A Catholic High School has issued a response to a post about a woman who was not hired due to her sexual orientation. Sacred Heart Griffin issued a statement today in response to Lauren White’s viral post about not being hired due to being engaged to a woman. White, a graduate of Jacksonville High School and Illinois College, believed at the interview that her orientation wouldn’t be a problem after principal Kara Rapacz said the school was trying to be more inclusive of trans students and trying to make the school a more inclusive place, according to reports of WAND-TV.

White, who was interviewing to become a French teacher at the school, said she had gone through the process and signed employment paperwork prior to being told she couldn’t be hired because she told the principal in a casual conversation after the interview that she was engaged to be married to a woman. In a statement released today, SHG said that due to her engagement not falling in line with Roman Catholic teachings, she could not be hired. The statement also said that the employment contract said that conduct inconsistent with Roman Catholic doctrine was grounds for dismissal. The Diocese of Springfield reiterated much of the statement of the school and added that the school made the “right decision” in not hiring White.