Social Security Scammers Getting Creative-Beware

By Gary Scott on January 22, 2021 at 9:50am

Social Security is fighting the latest wave of scammers.

     Jack Myers with Social Security in Springfield says those who want your money through illegal means are finding new ways to get into our pockets.

     Myers says the newest evolution uses names and numbers.

      He says the scammers are using names and badge numbers of actual Social Security workers. He says those being called will not be pressured by the actual workers, and if there is doubt, hang up and call the office back.

     Myers says Social Security does call clients. But, there has to be a reason.

        He says Social Security won’t ask for payment over the phone. Any attempt to get some type of payment is a red flag.

     Myers says one of the scams involves a claim that a person’s social security number is linked to a crime.

     If there is any doubt, Myers says hang up and call the social security office in Springfield at 1-877-279-2504. Suspicious calls should be reported to