Sorrells Returns to Beardstown CUSD #15 as Principal

By Benjamin Cox on April 25, 2022 at 1:08pm

Photo Courtesy of Supt. Adam Dean's Twitter.

Triopia and Beardstown are completing a trade – but not of the baseball sort.

Triopia Principal Josh Sorrells is leaving to return to Beardstown School District, where he will take over the position of high school principal.

Sorrells leaves Triopia at the end of the school year to take up his new position after 3 years.

The Journal Courier reports that Sorrells joined the staff at Triopia in 2019, replacing Adam Dean, who was promoted to school district superintendent.

Sorrells originally joined Beardstown in 2007 as a P.E. Teacher after graduating from Illinois College. He took two years off and returned to Beardstown in 2011 to become a high school assistant principal and athletic director.

Triopia hopes to fill their principal opening by July 1st.