South Jacksonville PD Partners With Khamma on Computer Systems IT Support

By Benjamin Cox on June 5, 2023 at 2:07pm

The South Jacksonville Police Department is getting a new IT company contract.

Village Police Chief Eric Hansell says that he is moving the department computer IT support only to Khamma Group. Hansell says the move away from Matt Martin Consulting will cut down on wait times to get computer systems updated and new software implemented in the long term: “Khamma Group already works with Jacksonville PD, the Sheriff’s Department, and the courthouse. Because our system inner-connects with those agencies, they are the IT for all of those agencies; and it’s just smarter to stay with the one IT agency that already knows the system, the IP addresses, password permissions, and the firewalls. They also work with the inner-connectivity of the Illinois State Police’s system, the iWIN computer system.”

Hansell says it cuts some of the wait times on IT because Khamma Group already has the permissions and IP addresses of online cloud systems that South Jacksonville would need to be locked into. He says by having Khamma troubleshoot any computer issues, it will allow for better information and system sharing between all the law enforcement agencies they are connected to. Hansell says that in the past Martin would have to seek those permissions from Khamma for the village’s IT support. By just contracting directly with Khamma, Hansell says it eliminates that extra step and the wait time associated with it.

Hansell says Matt Martin Consulting will still remain the IT specialist for the department’s camera systems, as Khamma Group just handles computer and software support.