South Jacksonville Planning Commission to hear two zoning change petitions this evening

By Benjamin Cox on May 10, 2018 at 2:23pm

Two South Jacksonville properties may soon be changing.

The South Jacksonville Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals will meet tonight in the Village Hall Board Room. Their meeting will call to order at 7 pm.

The two properties in question this evening are both along South Main within the same block.

1851 South Main was formerly the Family Gardens shop and greenhouse. The property had received a special use permit for a residential living quarters in the back of the building. With this special use permit and the type of business, the building received a B1 zoning distinction. Sam and Antonella Alfano have recently purchased the building and are moving to have the zoning for the 1851 South Main property re-declared as B2, which expands the different types of businesses that can be put on the grounds of the property. According to South Jacksonville zoning commission officials, the Alfanos are not seeking to keep the special use permit.

The other property will be at 1828 South Main. The Fergurson family, of Fergurson Insurance located at 1840 South Main Street, are expanding onto the 1828 property they have purchased. The current insurance building already has the B2 zoning distinction, but 1828 South Main is listed as a B1 zone, so the Fergursons want both to have the B2 distinction.

These are the only two items for review on tonight’s Planning Commission Agenda. The South Jacksonville Village Hall is located at 301 Dewey Drive next to South Elementary School. Please be aware that construction crews are gathering at South School ahead of the scheduled renovations, and that roads near the school and Village Hall will be accessible, however street markings may not be visible, so please drive with caution.