South Jacksonville Receiving New Pavement Striping

By Benjamin Cox on September 30, 2020 at 10:18am

The Village of South Jacksonville may soon see some new pavement striping.

Village Works Superintendent John Green says that the village has received notification that a group is coming to replace striping that had disappeared due to resurfacing of some streets in the recent past: “A few years back we had oiled and chipped Hardin Avenue, and then, this year we did West Vandalia Avenue so there are no stripes on those streets. We want to get it striped before wintertime. We got a company in starting to do that. Then, we had some other intersections [that need striped] that weren’t oiled and chipped that were just due to years of being down and getting faint, so we wanted to get those freshened up so everybody can see where the turn lanes are at.”

The striping on the streets are expected to be completed possibly by the end of this week.