South Jacksonville Utilities Projects For Completion During September

By Jeremy Coumbes on September 7, 2019 at 10:14am

The Village of South Jacksonville will be moving forward on a number of streets and sewers projects in the next few weeks. Public Works Superintendent John Green said the first item of major concern was getting Holiday Lane repaired.

We entered into an agreement with K.E. Vas to make an emergency repair to Holiday Lane, in between Holiday Inn Express and Quick n EZ. The road is caving in and needs some immediate attention, so we arr going to try to get on it in the next few weeks and get it taken care of.”

Green says that the water plant repairs are now on a better schedule.

All the parts are in and we are at the plant working, so it’s just a matter of time. There is no definite deadline but we are hoping within the next week.”

Green says that Godfrey Park will remain open until October 15th. Current landscaping work around the fence is underway. He said that the village board is currently trying to come to an agreement on a new sign for the entrance. The village also managed to pass an easement with a property owner on Main Street about a peace of city infrastructure that sits about a foot over the owner’s property line. Green also said that the TIF agreement on the field tile project with Dave Brogdon was approved so that repairs to the 1400 square feet of tile can mitigate a drainage issue into businesses owned by Brogdon and Glen McKean. The bid was approved for $6505.

Green also asked the board to rescind an action that took place at a meeting last month. “We passed a resolution at the last meeting to sell the 2010 F 150 and one of the old dump trucks, but instead of selling the 2010 F 150, my department is going to gove it to the fire department because they could use a truck and rather than sell it for $3,500.00, and the Fire Department to have to go buy a used one for $10,000.00 would be silly, so we are going to donate it over to them, and they will have a good truck to use.”

Green said he will post notices of the Holiday Lane closures when the repairs begin as well as when the water plant is back running again.