South Jacksonville Utility Department Going Door to Door to Update Water Meter Antennas

By Jeremy Coumbes on May 20, 2022 at 12:09pm

Residents in the Village of South Jacksonville will have a visitor knocking on their doors soon but not to worry, it’s likely not a candidate for office in this year’s election.

The Village’s utility department crews are making the rounds to update the antennas on each resident’s water meter. The meters are read remotely and Utility Superintendent John Green says, it’s a quick process to update the equipment but it needs to be done for the system to continue operating correctly.

We have automatic radio reads so we can read the meters from the office on the computer. We’re about four years into doing that and the vendor is changing the antenna system out. So we don’t have to replace the whole meter, just the antenna which is plug and play.

So we are going door to door knocking and when people are home, we are getting in and it only takes about ten minutes to do the replacement. Those that have been by twice and aren’t home, we’ll call and have them set up an appointment times.”

Green says the vendor who supplies the meter reading system is calling for the upgrade to the antennas. He says his department needs to have all 1500 plus meters in the village updated by the end of the year before they will no longer be operational.

To find out more information on the remote water meter upgrade project, call the South Jacksonville Village Hall at 217-245-4803.