Two South Jacksonville re-zoning proposals approved by Zoning Appeals board

By Benjamin Cox on May 11, 2018 at 9:05am

Two neighboring South Jacksonville business owners are one step closer to being officially able to renovate their properties.

The South Jacksonville Zoning Board of Appeals met last night to hear the logistics of each re-zoning and vote on recommendation of the two proposals, across the street from one another, to the Board of Trustees. Both proposals were presented by Trustee Dick Samples.

The first proposal was for Sam and Antonella Alfano, who want to renovate the former Family Gardens shop at 1851 South Main for an undisclosed business. Samples describes some of the zoning history for the property and why a B2 distinction would be simpler for the Alfanos.

“This property has been and still is a B1 and went from a B1 to a ‘B1-Special Use’ to allow them [the previous owners] not a residence but an apartment in the building, and [the special use permit] died when they sold the property. So, they [the Alfanos] legally cannot have an apartment there under a B1; they have to go to a B2.”

The second proposal was for the Fergurson family, of Fergurson Insurance, to expand their business at 1840 South Main to include newly bought property at 1828 South Main. Samples explains the issue that must be addressed before renovations can begin on the property.

“He wants to build a new insurance building on both of these properties. Now, the problem there is… This one, that we’re talking about tonight [1828 South Main] is zoned B1, and his other place that he currently has his business is zoned B2.”

Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals Chairperson Larry Moore details why the B2 distinction is helpful in both of these cases, specifically in the case of the Alfanos. “They were wanting to bring this up to a B2. That does open the door to different types of businesses that have a bigger retail demand – B2 does over the residential B1 district.”

Both recommendations to the South Jacksonville Board of Trustees to re-zone the properties were unanimously approved. An update will be available after the next trustee board meeting.