South Jax Officials Say Water Plant Tentatively Set For Return to Operations in July

By Benjamin Cox on June 7, 2024 at 3:45pm

The Village of South Jacksonville’s municipal utility officials hope a three-year old problem may soon come to a close.

The village has been consistently on the City of Jacksonville’s water system since November 2021 due to persistent problems with the village’s water plant at Oxville.

Village Utility Superintendent Brian English says the over million dollar overhaul that’s occurred over the last 3+ years may soon be wrapped up next month: “We’ve got AllService coming in to install the media that they’ve had ordered. Then, they are going to put in what they call lasers, but they are water jets, in our tanks for everything. We’re going to get that done and hopefully get the media shot in there, and cross your fingers, minding that everything with the EPA is given the ‘ok,’ we will hopefully get everything going by July 8th.”

English says its been a long wait on some items to get them upgraded and replaced: “We have had everything that we needed for a little bit. We just need them to come install it. The media was kind of a last minute thing that we decided to go ahead do just because it hadn’t been done in so many years. We felt it was best to try and do it while everything was down and go ahead get it done.”

English told the Village Board of Trustees that the water jets will be installed on June 24th and then testing with the EPA would begin shortly after that to ensure everything is operational. English hopes that the July 8th is firm, but he says that’s all contingent on the testing and everything working properly once its turned back on again.