South Jax reviewing public protection issues

By Ryne Turke on August 3, 2016 at 8:25am

The Village of South Jacksonville is discussing several items when it comes to public protection.

Trustees and department heads are looking into an ordinance violation court for the village. South Jacksonville Chief of Police Josh Hallock commented on why the issue has recently emerged.

“Historically, the South Jacksonville Police Department has not actively enforced ordinances simply because there was no fine associated with it that really put any teeth to the ordinance. I’m not aware of any specific ordinances that were a specific cause of concern. I think it was just a discussion that had taken place at some point, and they were just having me reach out, just to find out if it was something that was a viable plan for the Village of South Jacksonville,” says Hallock.

Also being discussed is the idea of a solicitation opt-out option in which village residents could prevent door-to-door visits upon request to the South Jacksonville Police Department.

“I had received some suggestions from some village residents and they had stated that it would be nice if village residents were able to sign up on a list. And the addresses contained on the list would basically be do not disturb or do not trespass, just an opt-out so that the village residents who requested placement on the list wouldn’t have to be bothered by solicitors if that was their wish,” explained Hallock.

Hallock says that he’s been in contact with the Morgan County State’s Attorney and the Village attorney regarding the process of installing an ordinance violation court. Ultimately, it will be up to South Jacksonville board members whether or not to pursue both topics.