Special Weight Variance Extended For Truckers

By Benjamin Cox on June 4, 2020 at 8:37am

A special weight variance for truckers has been extended by the Illinois Department of Transportation. The Cass-Morgan Farm Bureau reports that IDOT’s 12% overweight variance on State Routes for emergency supplies for relief, originally set to expire May 29th has been extended until June 28th. This wavier includes those hauling agricultural loads eventually destined to produce food for people, feed for animals, fuel, fertilizer, or medical supplies/sanitizers. The waiver does not apply to all movements of agricultural products. Items hauled must be a precursor to the manufacturing of an essential product.

To operate using the wavier, a copy of IDOT’s declaration, which is found on their permitting website, a copy of the presidential declaration, and a bill of lading are needed. All road and bridge postings must be followed. Before traveling, drivers need to verify the restrictions on their routes at gettingaroundillinois.com. This allowance is free of charge.