Springfield Man’s Trial Delayed For Review of DNA Evidence After Volatile Hearing in Adams County

By Benjamin Cox on May 2, 2022 at 5:27am

The trial for a Springfield man accused of carjacking and sexually assaulting an elderly woman near Quincy has been pushed back following a request to review DNA evidence.

The motion to continue the case of 34 year old Bradley Yohn from the May 9th jury docket in Adams County was approved on Friday by visiting Judge Michael Atterberry, according to WGEM. The approval came at the end of a contentious hearing in which Yohn accused Assistant Public Defender John Citro of ineffective counsel and ended with Yohn walking out of the courtroom.

The meeting began with Yohn telling Atterberry that he would like a new attorney, and the judge told him a different attorney would take time to become familiar with the facts in the case. Yohn walked back the request when he was told it would delay his trial. Yohn also objected to the delay in his case to review the DNA evidence by his own counsel and also requested a change of venue because of the extensive media coverage of his case.

Yohn accused the court of violating his civil rights by not giving him a speedy trial and then walked out of the courtroom.

A status hearing on the case has been set for May 10th. Yohn remains held at the Adams County Jail on $15 million bond.