St. Louis Family Searching For Missing Woman Along I-55 in Macoupin & Montgomery Counties

By Benjamin Cox on December 26, 2023 at 8:04pm

A St. Louis family is searching for a missing woman along I-55 in Illinois.

According to Fox2News, family of 29-year old Marquisha Williams spent Sunday searching for her remains in Central Illinois, as St. Louis County police informed FOX 2 they had suspended their search efforts there. Williams was last seen dropping off her kids in north St. Louis County around 6 o’clock Wednesday morning before her 7 a.m. shift at work, but never made it there after dropping her 4 children off for the day.

Williams was allegedly with her children’s father, Trenton Ivy. Ivy is now in custody in Racine County, Wisconsin on $10,000 bond for charges of use of a dangerous weapon, resisting an officer, and fleeing from an officer in a vehicle. According to reports, Ivy was apprehended in Williams’ 2020 gray Jeep Compass.

However, Ivy has yet to be charged in Williams disappearance. On Sunday, Williams’ family did a mass search along I-55 heading north to Chicago. Search efforts started in Staunton today and began working north on the east side of the interstate. Online sources speculate that Ivy and Williams had stopped at a motel in Staunton before heading further north. Williams’ family told Fox2News that police had informed that Williams had been left along I-55 near an unidentified wooded area, possibly covered with a dark-colored blanket or cloth.

Williams is a black female, with long, braided black hair, dark brown eyes, with a septum piercing. She was last seen wearing a pink and black North Face coat with a pink hat and dark-colored nursing scrubs.

Family members confirmed to multiple outlets that Ivy and Williams had a history of domestic violence.

Anyone with information about Williams’ whereabouts is urged to contact 9-1-1 immediately.